Transfer Vernis Photo

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Photo transfer varnish, water-based and brilliant finish. Ideal for handicrafts and for transferring printed images to A4 paper using a laser printer. It can be applied to all types of surfaces such as wood, metal, glass, ceramics, etc. The jar of adhesive varnish is provided with a QR code with detailed instructions for proper use and application. Instructions for use: For proper use of the photo transfer varnish, print the photo or image you want to transfer into a sheet of paper (please use.b. only normal paper 70gsm to 90gsm. Cardboard or photo paper, are not intended for this). Apply the photo transfer varnish to the sheet, and place the sheet on the surface you want to personalize. Let it air dry for 12 hours, then gently moisten it with water. Then scratch the surface and remove the cellulose from the paper. After all, if there are no traces of the paper, apply a second layer of photo transfer varnish to fix and paint the photo.

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