You print them yourself, with our pre-edited sheets A4.

kaarten 2-luik2-Fold CardsVIEW 2-FOLD CARDS

2-Fold cards from DECAdry are a sheet of A4, with a folding line (ril) in the middle of the sheet, after printing the card can be folded 1x into an A5 card.

kaarten 3-luik3-Fold CardsVIEW 3-FOLD CARDS

3-Fold cards from DECAdry, are a sheet of A4, provided with two folding lines (ril) each at 99 mm on the sheet, after printing the card can be folded 2x into a DL card. The card has the final size 210 x 99 mm.

enkele kaartenSingle cardsVIEW SINGLE CARDS

Single cards on a sheet of A4 equipped with DECAdry Micro perforation or TopLine Technology, the sheets contain pre-cut cards. You simply print A4 paper and then remove the card from the sheet.

You can send cards in our envelopes. Available in various sizes, colored, white or printed with a theme. All available from stock and also available in small numbers.

From Decadry we also have paper with themes, structure or just in white.

In addition to paper and cards, we also have business cards in equal and different motifs or simply in white. You can also print this yourself, with your own printer.