Paper cut to size

A4 Paper, the most commonly used and common paper size in Europe. In every normal printer at home and in the office there is standard A4 paper. But in some cases, a different size of paper may be desirable. That’s why papercenter allows you to have almost all paper cut to size. With our cutting machine we cut paper, accurately on the mm, in the desired size.

Paper sizes

A4 Paper has a size of 297 mm x 210 mm, the length, from top to bottom, 297 mm and the width, from left to right, 210 mm. But how did the A4 paper get that name?

The basic size of paper in Europe is A0, which with a size of 1189 x 841 mm has an area of 1 m2. If you fold a sheet of A0 four times, you get a sheet the size of A4, so that’s where the 4 comes away in the name A4. If you fold a sheet of A4, 1x then you get A5, so it is very easy to check that each subsequent size is half of the previous one.

papier op maat gesneden

PaperCenter has a large range of paper, most of which are in sizes A3 (297 x 420 mm) and A4 (210 x 297 mm) and can cut this to size to all underlying sizes. Larger sizes of paper can be found with us white or coloured paper or is available to order in sheets or on roll. Contact us, we’ve got what you’re looking for.