Photo paper from Decadry and APLI is available in various qualities and paper weights. To make it clear, we have divided into 4 different qualities. The qualities and their qualities can be found below.

The ideal compromise between price and quality for using large quantities of photo paper, white paper and fast drying time after printing.

An affordable photo paper and photo cards for all kinds of applications, without compromising on quality. It is intensely white, has an optimal display of colors, is smooth on both sides, opaque robust and ultra-soft photo paper, also on this paper your prints dry almost immediately so you can edit them. This photo paper is available in 125 grams, 180 grams a double-sided print version of 200 and 210 grams.

An optimal balance between price and quality for a perfect finish of the photo, the paper is intensely white and the micro porous finish guarantees immediate drying. With this photo paper you are assured of a vibrant and beautiful print on 210 grams of photo paper or photo cards in the sizes 10 x 15 cm - 9 x 13 cm and 13 x 18 cm.

The darling of professionals, at the technical level, this photo paper has a larger number of layers and is designed for high performance (over 5,760 dpi). These layers allow the print to dry quickly and keep the printed photos for longer. The photo paper is exceptionally white, scratch resistant and completely opaque and can be edited immediately after printing. Photo paper for high-quality photo prints with a professional finish, the photo paper remains excellently flat even after printing images that cover the total area of the sheet. The ProLine series from DECAdry is suitable for all inkjet printers, even those with pigment ink and is available in 260 grams. Available in glossy or satin formats A3 and A4 paper, 10 x 15 and 13 x 18 cm photo cards and visit cards 85 x 54 mm.